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We are a book review blog for YA, Teen, and Middle Grade books. What makes us unique? We are actually teenage brothers and book reviewers, whose goal is to relate and appeal to kids and adults alike with our unique views and reviews.

About Two Guys

We assume you have opened this page because you are curious about us? 
First and foremost; we love books and thought it would be fun to bring our two very different perspectives to the book review world. 
  • Number One: Because there are a lot of Book Blogs by adults out there, and not so many from a teens perspective. 
  • Number Two: Because we are guys and there aren't a lot of teen guys out there discussing books. Why is that?? 
We are brothers Cam (24 or The Jock) is 14 years old... and you guessed it, has an affinity for sports. Especially football and running. Chan (The Braniac) is 12 years old.... and aspires to be many things one day, including an Author. We are as opposite as opposites can be (picture Zack and Cody), but one thing we have in common is reading good books. 

We hope you enjoy this blog and welcome your feedback and comments!

Cam & Chan
Two Guys & Books